Faxing Documents from IntakeQ

If you find yourself printing documents just so you can fax them, you’ll be pleased to learn that IntakeQ allows you to easily fax any documents electronically – intake questionnaires, consent forms, treatment notes and attachments.

Every user is given 10 free credits, and each credit corresponds to one faxed page.

To buy more credits, go to the menu "More > Fax" and click on the "Buy Credits" button. IntakeQ will charge the same credit card you have used for your subscription. It costs $10 for 120 fax credits.

If you send faxes frequently, we recommend that you use our integration with SRFax, instead of buying credits. SRFax starter plan for healthcare allows you to send 500 pages per month, and you can also receive faxes via IntakeQ and assign them to clients.

Faxing a Document

To fax a document from IntakeQ, just open the form (or treatment note) and find the "Fax" button. Clicking on this will open the screen below:

  • For questionnaires, open the form, and in the options located at the top right of the form, click on "More > Send Fax".
  • For consent forms, open the form, and at the top right click on "Fax this form".
  • For notes, go to the "Clients" tab, type the name of the client, select the note you want to fax from the left side of the screen, then click "More > Fax" from the top right.

Note: Image attachments will be included in faxed documents, for other types of attachments see the next section of this article.

Faxing Attachments

IntakeQ also allows you to fax PDF or image files that have been attached to a form or a note. In order to fax an attached file, open the form or note which the file has been attached to, and click on the fax icon.

This will open a preview of the file and allow you to fax it just like any regular IntakeQ document. Note that in treatment notes, the note will need to be locked for the fax icon to show up.

Keeping Track of Faxed Documents

Once a fax is sent, you can see its status by going to the menu "More > Fax" and selecting the tab "Fax History".

At this moment, buying credits is only available to IntakeQ subscribers, but trial users still get the 10 free credits to test the functionality.

Please note that the fax button for intake or consent forms will only show up for submitted forms, not pending. In case you want to fax a form that hasn't been submitted, you can change its status to Completed.

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