Using Growth Charts on Intake Questionnaires

If you use the Growth Chart question type in your treatment notes, but want to collect some initial information from clients on their intake questionnaire to populate the chart, our system will allow for this by following the below instructions.

Note: We're assuming you've already learned how to use this question type throughout the article.

Step 1: Setup the Growth Chart Question

First you'll want to add the growth chart question and set it up in a treatment note template.

Optionally you can pin the question to the client profile (shown below) to allow the chart to pre-fill from the form to a treatment note, and also within future treatment notes you add to a client. This keeps on ongoing record of a baby's growth. See the following article for more information on this as it needs to be enabled to function: Pinned Notes

Step 2: Copy the Question to an Intake Questionnaire

Now you'll want to get the growth chart question into your intake form (they cannot be directly created there), which simply involves copying it from the treatment note into the questionnaire. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. In the form editor, click the checkbox on the left side of the growth chart question, you'll see two red buttons appear in form editor bar.
  2. Click "Copy too..." and select your intake questionnaire from the list. Confirm that you'd like to copy the question into that form by selection "Yes" on the next prompt.

The growth chart question will now be in the intake questionnaire you selected to copy it to.

Step 3: Intake Questionnaire Adjustments & Client View

Next you can adjust the question in your intake questionnaire, moving it up into the location where you'd like for it to appear on the form (How to Rearrange Questions (Move Up/Down)). If you've selected to pin this question to the client profile I wouldn't adjust anything on the question, but if you haven't feel free to adjust the text of the question since it's not synced to another form.

Your clients will not see the actual visual chart (only you will within the backend of IntakeQ), they will only see the fields to enter the growth values. Below is an example of how this appears to your clients when they are filling out the form.

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