Passing Data to a Form via URL

We have a feature that allows data to be passed to a form field via URL. It allows you to pass a query string value that will be captured by the form and saved to a custom field in the client profile. This is how it works:

1) Create a custom text field in the Client Profile. For the sake of example, let's call it "Patient ID".

2) Go to the questionnaire editor and create a question of the type Mixed Controls.

3) Add a text field to the question, name it Patient ID (optional), and map it to the Patient ID field in the client profile. Here's how mapping works: Mapping Intake Form Fields to the Client Profile

4) If you don't want clients to see this field, mark it as "Office use only": Questions “For Office Use Only”

5) When adding the parameter to the public form URL, use the field name that was used for the custom field on step 1, but remove any spaces. So in our example, the query string parameter would be PatientID (this is case-insensitive). And the final URL would look like

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