Upgrading Your RevolutionEHR Integration

If you have connected IntakeQ to your RevolutionEHR account before May 26th, 2020, you can upgrade to a more efficient version of the integration.

With version 1 of the integration, IntakeQ pulls all patients from RevolutionEHR to your IntakeQ account and keeps them in sync in 10 minute intervals. This approach works well most of the time, but since there is a delay between the time a patient is added/updated in RevolutionEHR and the time IntakeQ pulls the most recent data, it can cause some issues with duplicate patients being created.

With the new version of the integration, IntakeQ doesn't pull all patients from RevolutionEHR. When opening the Send Form dialog, IntakeQ will show patients directly from RevolutionEHR, without the need to pull that data to your IntakeQ account. Only when you send a form to a patient will IntakeQ pull that patient from RevolutionEHR and save it as a client in IntakeQ.

If the patient you are sending the form to is not in RevolutionEHR yet, you can click on Add New to create a new patient in the EHR directly from IntakeQ.

If you are using IntakeQ for forms only, this new method is more efficient because it keeps your IntakeQ client database smaller and prevents most of the issues related to syncing patient data between both systems.

Upgrading to the New Version

To upgrade your integration to this new method, log in to IntakeQ and navigate to "More > Settings > Integrations > RevolutionEHR". If your account is using the original integration, you will see the option to upgrade.

Once your account is upgraded, patients that had been pulled from RevolutionEHR will be removed form IntakeQ, unless they have any other associated data in the account, like a form or an appointment.

Preventing Duplicate Patients

Another addition to this new integration, is the ability to prevent IntakeQ from creating new patients in the EHR. When you allow patients to fill out a form using a public URL, there is the potential for duplicate records to show up in the EHR. This happens because when a patient submits a form, IntakeQ tries to find that patient based on the information they provide (first name, last name and date of birth). If IntakeQ doesn't find an exact match, it creates a new patient in the EHR.

This behavior can be prevented by enabling the new setting "Prevent IntakeQ from creating new patients in the EHR".

When this setting is enabled, IntakeQ will not upload the submitted form automatically when a match is not found. For those cases, the staff will need to log into IntakeQ, open the form, and assign it to an existing patient. This will make sure the form is uploaded to the proper patient profile in RevolutionEHR.

When a staff member opens a form that has not been uploaded, they will see a prompt at the top:

Clicking on "Upload to EHR" allows them to choose the proper patient to upload to:

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