RevolutionEHR Integration

This article covers the integration between IntakeQ and RevolutionEHR.

Scope of the Integration

Currently, there are 2 main aspects to the integration:

  • When a patient submits an intake package via IntakeQ, the forms are automatically uploaded as PDFs to the patient chart in RevolutionEHR. If the patient is new to the EHR, IntakeQ can create them a profile with their basic demographics populated. Also, if it's an existing client in RevEHR and parts of their demographics are missing, IntakeQ will populate that data too.
  • IntakeQ can automatically pull patient contact information from RevolutionEHR, making it easier to send them forms.

Enabling the Integration

Before enabling the integration within your IntakeQ account, there are 2 things that need to be done in your RevolutionEHR account:

1. Create a Folder for IntakeQ Documents

In order for IntakeQ to be able to upload documents to your EHR account, an “IntakeQ" folder must be created for your patients. In your RevolutionEHR account, search for any patient, and go to Documents/Images. Right click, select "New Folder" and name it "IntakeQ". Creating the IntakeQ folder for one patient will create it for all patients. Note that this folder needs to be created in the Root folder.

2. Generate API Credentials

In order for IntakeQ to connect to your EHR account, you need to generate credentials that will later be used in IntakeQ.

In your RevolutionEHR account, click on the the gears icon, navigate to "General > Practice Preferences > Partner Integrations", look for "IntakeQ" in the list and click on it to enable the integration. Once the credentials are generated, keep this tab open because we will need them in the next step.

3. Enter Credentials in IntakeQ

Log in to your IntakeQ account and navigate to "More > Settings > Integrations" and click on RevolutionEHR's logo.

The integration page will ask for the credentials that will allow IntakeQ to connect to RevolutionEHR's API. Enter the credentials obtained in step #2.

Once you enter the credentials and click on Connect, you will see a message saying that the connection is active.

4. Map Practitioners

Next you will want to map each IntakeQ practitioner account to a provider and a location in your EHR account. This will allow IntakeQ to assign patients to the appropriate provider in case a new patient is created when a form is submitted.

And that's it. Now, every time a patient submits a form, IntakeQ will upload it to the patient's page in RevolutionEHR.

IntakeQ will also start to pull patient contact information from RevolutionEHR and replicate them into our database, which will make it easier for you to send out new forms.

Important Note

In order for IntakeQ to properly match IntakeQ forms to RevolutionEHR patients, your questionnaire needs to have a Date of Birth field that is mapped to the client's profile. If we converted your forms for you, this field will already be mapped, but if you created your own forms, make sure to map it: Mapping Form Fields to Client Profile

Sending Forms to Patients

The video below shows the easiest way to send a form to a RevolutionEHR patient from within IntakeQ.

If the patient you are sending the form to is not in RevolutionEHR yet, you can click on Add New to create a new patient in the EHR directly from IntakeQ.

Adding Forms to Your Website

Instead of sending forms to patients, you can choose to make them available in your website. This article shows how to get the public URL for a given intake packet. When a patient fills out a form using the public URL (as opposed to being sent a form via email/SMS), IntakeQ will attempt to find a match for that patient in RevolutionEHR in order to upload the completed form. A successful match will occur when 3 pieces of information are the same: First Name, Last Name and at least one of these: Date of Birth, Email, Phone Number. If IntakeQ is unable to find a match, a new patient will be created in the RevolutionEHR.

Mapping One IntakeQ Account to Multiple EHR Providers (Optional)

Some customers prefer to have a single IntakeQ practitioner account to handle all intakes and still want patients to be assigned to the proper provider in the EHR. There is a way to let IntakeQ know which provider a patient should be assigned to by using a custom field in the client profile and mapping it to a intake form field. Please contact us and our team will create the mapping for you.

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