Does IntakeQ Integrate with X Software?

practiceQ offers direct integrations with certain 3rd party services:


Forms Integrations with Other EHR's 

  • RevolutionEHR:  IntakeQ uploads forms automatically to the EHR and updates patient demographics. See integration article.
  • AthenaHealth: IntakeQ uploads forms automatically to Athena and updates patient demographics. There is a setup fee associated with this integration. Contact us for more information.
  • Elation: IntakeQ uploads forms automatically and updates patient demographics to this EHR. See integration article here.

Insurance Clearinghouses

Out of Network Client Reimbursifications

  • Reimbursify: Reimbursify makes it easy for you to file out-of-network health insurance reimbursement claims right from your smartphone in less than a minute.


  • Zoom: Allows you to schedule and host telehealth sessions.
  • Google Meet: Allows you to schedule and host telehealth sessions.


  • SRFax: More advanced fax functionality, such as receiving faxes and using your own fax number.

Prescriptions and Recommendations

  • Fullscript: A software platform for dispensing supplements directly to clients. It's best for those that prescribe wellness and want a trusted source for their supplement recommendations. See integration article here.
  • ePrescriptions: Available now. Read more here.


  • Rupa Health: Order, track and get results from 30+ lab companies within pQ.


  • Google Drive: You can have intake forms and treatment notes uploaded to your Google Drive account in real time.
  • Google Calendar / Outlook Calendar: You can connect the booking system to these calendar systems for additional functionality.
  • Google Analytics: This allows for more advanced visit tracking within our booking widget.


  • Zapier: This connection offers support for many other 3rd party applications (be aware of HIPAA implications).

Exporting Data to Use with Other Services:

Alternatively, we allow you to export you account data to be imported into other 3rd party services like Mailchimp etc. Currently, there are 7 ways to export your client’s data from IntakeQ:

  1. Export intakes and notes to PDF. This can be done on a per document basis or on a per client basis. Contact us if you need to  perform a mass export.
  2. Export intakes and notes to CSV. This article explains how to export multiple documents at once to a customizable CSV file: Exporting Your Clients' Data
  3. Open API. IntakeQ offers an open API that can be used by developers to pull data from intake forms: IntakeQ API
  4. Export appointments to CSV. Appointments can also be exported to CSV. This is useful if you want to sort and filter your data on Excel: How to Export Appointments to CSV
  5. Export a list of clients to CSV. This is useful if you want to create an email list of your clients: Export a List of Your Clients

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