Does IntakeQ Integrate with X Software?

IntakeQ offers direct integrations with certain 3rd party services:

  • Square and Stripe for payment processing.
  • RevolutionEHR:  IntakeQ uploads forms automatically to the EHR and updates patient demographics. See integration article.
  • Office Ally / Trizetto: This facilitates electronic insurance billing via IntakeQ.
  • AthenaHealth: IntakeQ uploads forms automatically to Athena and updates patient demographics. There is a setup fee associated with this integration. Contact us for more information.
  • Elation: IntakeQ uploads forms automatically and updates patient demographics to this EHR.
  • Zoom: Allows you to schedule and host telehealth sessions.
  • SRFax: More advanced fax functionality, such as receiving faxes and using your own fax number.
  • Dropbox: You can have intake forms and treatment notes uploaded to your Dropbox account in real time.
  • Google Drive: You can have intake forms and treatment notes uploaded to your Google Drive account in real time.
  • Google Calendar / Outlook Calendar: You can connect the booking system to these calendar systems for additional functionality.
  • Google Analytics: This allows for more advanced visit tracking within our booking widget.
  • Zapier: This connection offers support for many other 3rd party applications (be aware of HIPAA implications).

Alternatively, we allow you to export you account data to be imported into other 3rd party services. Currently, there are 7 ways to export your client’s data from IntakeQ:

  1. Export intakes and notes to PDF. This can be done on a per document basis or on a per client basis. Contact us if you need to  perform a mass export.
  2. Export intakes and notes to CSV. This article explains how to export multiple documents at once to a customizable CSV file: Exporting Your Clients' Data
  3. Open API. IntakeQ offers an open API that can be used by developers to pull data from intake forms: IntakeQ API
  4. Export appointments to CSV. Appointments can also be exported to CSV. This is useful if you want to sort and filter your data on Excel: How to Export Appointments to CSV
  5. Export a list of clients to CSV. This is useful if you want to create an email list of your clients: Export a List of Your Clients

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