practiceQ now has ePrescribing capabilities available for those that need to prescribe medications to their clients. This will allow you to prescribe and send medications for your client to their preferred retail or online pharmacy.

Benefits of ePrescribe:

  • Send error-free prescriptions because we validate the info on each one
  • Access patient medication history
  • Save favorite medications for easy selection
  • Resprecribe right from the Medication download list
  • Cancel prescriptions electronically
  • Use CoverMyMeds for Pre-Auths
  • Save custom notes for reuse
  • Receive electronic refill requests
  • Create compound medications 
  • Add custom formats
  • Send notes to the pharmacy
  • Create order sets to prescribe more than one medication at a time
  • Supporting users can queue up prescriptions for the prescriber
  • View prescription insurance formulary information which includes electronically connected pharmacies
  • Robust reporting tools to view the data you
  • PMP Database integration for most states (Still working on ILPMP and NYPMP)
  • Improve patient safety with reduced prescription errors and medication interaction checking
  • Save time by doing everything in practiceQ and not having to jump from app to app.

Here is a short video showing the functionality from the Client Profile's 'Prescriptions' tab:

This video shows linking from a note:

ePrescription Pricing

  • ePrescribing is $55.00 per prescriber per month for the promo period ending 6/31/23. After that, the price per month is $65. Those with the promo pricing are locked in at that price for those practitioners. If you choose to add practitioners after the promo period, the price per month with be $65.
  • Each prescriber can have up to 5 supporting staff without charge.
    It’s $5.00 per month for every additional supporting staff member over the 5. 
  • The monthly fee is the same if you are prescribing controlled substances or not. This monthly fee includes ID proofing with ID.me so you must complete the ID.me identification process upon sign up. If you already have an ID.me account, you can use it here as well.
  • Each prescriber must use their own DEA and NPI on setup. You cannot switch out DEA numbers when prescribing so if a provider needs to use another providers DEA number, that provider will need a eRx subscription with us.

New Practice Account Sign Up Process

Note: This process takes some time. Please allow yourself 20-30 minutes to complete the signup process and up to 24 hours for your account to be reviewed.

IMPORTANT: You must use the same email that is tied to your intakeQ account's admin. The admin email must be the one that creates an account for the practice. Other prescribers can be invited to their individual emails.

  1. Note: To have this button enabled, email us at hello@intakeq.com and tell us you'd like to beta.
    To sign up, go to More > Subscriptions and click the blue sign up button. 
    1. Important Note: You must use the same email you use for your intakeQ login to register with Scriptsure.

  2. From there, you will go through a 6 step process with Scriptsure to set up your account. 
  3. Step three will ask to validate your email. The email from Scriptsure takes a minute or so to arrive.

ID Proofing through ID.me

We use the ID.me service to complete ID proofing for your ePrescribe account.

Note: Please use your existing ID.me Account if you have one. 

If you have issues, you can reach out to us or ID.me directly at: https://help.id.me/hc/en-us.

Note for Safari and Chrome Mobile Users:

There is a setting that you will need to disable to get the popups to work. Go to your Safari settings, the Privacy Tab and uncheck "Prevent cross-site scripting". 

ePrescription Settings

Once connected, you can see your eRx account under More > Subscription > ePrescription Settings.

Supporting users can be added that can create prescriptions and send them to the prescribing practitioner' queue for review. Prescribers can see the approval queue from any client's Subscription tab.

Each prescriber can have up to 5 supporting users at no charge. Once 5 is reached, any additional supporting users will be and $5.00 per month per supporting user. 

To add a supporting user, uncheck the 'Prescriber' checkbox before sending an invite or invite an assistant. 

Adding Additional Prescribers or Support Staff

To add additional prescribers, from your settings page under More >  Subscription, you can send invites to those in the list. 

To add a supporting user, send an invite to an assistant or uncheck the 'Prescriber' checkbox before sending an invite to a practitioner. 

For supporting users that need to queue up prescriptions, the prescriber will need to approve them. 

PDMP Lookups

Your account has access to PDMP reports from eligible states. You will need a separate account with BAMBOO HEALTH – formerly called APPRISS. It takes 5-7 days to get credentials after the application is sent online to them.

  1. Click here to visit their application page: https://go.bamboohealth.com/ehrrequest.
  2. If your state is listed here, use the link below the state list
  3. If your state is not on the list, use the form to the right of the state list.
  4. Please use the following for the software vendor and the version
    1. DAWS Systems (Scriptsure)
    2. v2

Patient Consent

In order to download the client's medication history, you need to have their consent. This can be added to questionnaire forms only. The client's consent is a required field to be able to download.

How to add the Patient Consent to an intake questionnaire:

  1. Go to 'My Forms' and select the desired questionnaire
  2. Add a Mixed Control question type.
  3. From the Items, Click the blue gear
  4. Choose Radio Buttons in the 'Type' dropdown
  5. Under Profile Mapping, choose 'Client Consent to Download Medication History

How to Prescribe Medications

You can prescribe medications for your clients in a couple different ways. The first is from the client profile.

From the Prescriptions tab, you can add new prescriptions, manage prescriptions and see a list of previously prescribed medications.

In order for your prescription to go through, there are some required fields that must be filled out. 

When you click the "Prescribe New Drug" button, the prescribing interface will popup where you can search for drugs or look them up by category.

You will select the format for the prescription.

You can select from existing formats or create your own format for this prescription. 

Once the format has been chosen, you can choose the quantities, directions, duration, insurances, diagnosis, pharmacy and other options. When you are done filling out this information, you can click the green "Send to Pharmacy" button or the "Queue to Provider for Approval" if you are not the prescriber.

Once a medication has been prescribed, it will show in the list:

Linking a Prescription to Client Note

You can also link a prescriptions from the client note with "More > Link to Prescription." This will launch the popup for you to link the prescription to an existing note.


You can enter allergies in the eRx UI and receive warning when there is an interaction issue. Allergies will also show on the patient record.

Issues with your Prescriptions?

You can email Scriptsure support with any issues regarding your prescriptions at support@dawssystems.com.


1) Does it input diagnosis codes for you when sending a prescription?

Yes, you can input diagnosis when prescribing. This currently does not pull from the diagnosis in the note of chart.

2) Will IntakeQ need us to input all the prescriber's DEA numbers?
Yes, you will need to have an account for each separate DEA number. If needed, you can send all through a single DEA, having the supporting staff request the medications and have the prescribers approve it in their queue.

3) Where would we be able to see the prescription note if a refill had been sent?
You can see notes within the UI.

4) Will IntakeQ have the capability to send online pharmacy orders such as Capsule?

5) How easy would it be to send over prescriptions to a pharmacy? Would we be able to add a pharmacy from a list that is generated through intakeQ? For example, a mom and pop pharmacy, how can we send over a prescription?

95% of pharmacies in the US are on Surescripts and therefore in ScriptSure. If you see one that isn't, let us know and we can inquire.

6) When Q1 2023 comes along and IntakeQ has the capability to send Lab Orders would there be an extra cost associated or would that be included in the $55 per provider for sending prescriptions?
No, there will be no charge for Labs.

7) How will integration work if already using another platform to send over prescriptions?
If you switch, you will not need the the other platform anymore. The drug history can be downloaded (with consent) into the practiceQ eRX option and you would start prescribing from there.

8) How will prescribing controlled substances work?
You will need to provide your DEA number on sign-up and authenticate with ID me. There are a few options to authenticate. You can use your phone, FOB or verify using another device.

If you want to use a hard token, only the  YUUBICO 5 FIPS SERIES  are compliant with EPCS prescriptions: https://www.yubico.com/store/#for-government.

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