ePrescribe: General Info

Prescribe medications for your client to their preferred retail or online pharmacy from inside PracticeQ vs. using a standalone solution! Our

Benefits of ePrescribing in PracticeQ:

  • Send error-free prescriptions because we validate the info on each one
  • Access patient medication history
  • Save favorite medications for easy selection
  • Resprecribe with a few clicks
  • Cancel prescriptions electronically
  • Use CoverMyMeds for Pre-Auths
  • Save custom notes for reuse
  • Receive electronic refill requests
  • Create compound medications 
  • Add custom formats
  • Send notes to the pharmacy
  • Create order sets to prescribe more than one medication at a time
  • Supporting users can queue up prescriptions for the prescriber
  • View prescription insurance formulary information which includes electronically connected pharmacies
  • Robust reporting tools to view the data
  • PMP Database integration for most states
  • Improve patient safety with reduced prescription errors and medication interaction checking
  • Save time by doing everything in PracticeQ and not having to jump from app to app!

ePrescription Pricing

  • ePrescribing is $65.00 per prescriber per month per prescriber. 
  • The price is ths same whether you are doing controlled substances or not.
  • DEA is only required if you are planning to prescribe controlled substances. 
  • Each prescriber can have up to 5 supporting staff without charge. Supporting staff can view prescription information for clients and queue up medications for the prescriber to approve. Supervisors can also be invited to be supporting staff. It’s $5.00 per month for every additional supporting staff member over 5. 
  • This monthly fee includes ID proofing with ID.me. You must complete the ID.me identification process upon sign up. If you already have an ID.me account, please use it during the sign-up process.

New Practice Account Sign Up Process

Note: Please allow yourself 20-30 minutes to complete the signup process and up to 24 hours for your account to be reviewed.

IMPORTANT: The admin on the PracticeQ account must the one to sign up the practice. They then can invite others. You must use the clinic email tied to your PracticeQ account.

  1. To sign up, go to More > Subscriptions and click the blue sign up button. 
  2. Go through the 6 step process with Scriptsure to set up your account. 
  3. Step 3 will ask to validate your email. The email from Scriptsure takes a minute or so to arrive.
  4. Once this signup step is complete, you will be prompted to verify your identity with ID.me.
    1. Note: Please use your existing ID.me account. If you have issues, you can reach out to us or ID.me directly at: https://help.id.me/hc/en-us.
  5. Once the ID.me setup is completed, you will be redirected back to PracticeQ.
  6. You will now have a "Prescriptions" tab on all clients where you can view and manage thier prescriptions.

No Session Token Message

Note: There is a setting that you will need to disable to get the popups to work. Go to your Safari settings, the Privacy Tab and uncheck "Prevent cross-site scripting". Ream more here.


ePrescription Settings

Once connected, you can see your eRx account under More > Subscription > ePrescription Settings. Here you can manage other staff members and add practices.

Adding Additional Prescribers or Support Staff

Note: If you are planning to prescribe controlled medications, your account must have at least one admin supporting user to initially approve you to prescribe EPCS. The system will prompt you to add a supporting user if you don't have one.

  • To add additional prescribers, from your settings page under More >  Subscription, you can send invites to those in the list. 
  • To add an assistant supporting user, click the "Send Invitation Email" next to their name
  • For a practitioner, uncheck the 'Prescriber' checkbox before sending an invite or they will be invited as a prescriber. 
  • Supporting users can queue up prescriptions so the prescriber can approve them. 
  • Supervisors can also be added as a supporting user 
    • Each prescriber can have up to 5 supporting users at no charge. Once 5 is reached, any additional supporting users will be and $5.00 per month per supporting user. 
    • If your supervisor is not an intakeQ user, follow these steps.

PDMP Lookups

Your account has access to PDMP reports from eligible states. You will need a separate account with BAMBOO HEALTH – formerly called APPRISS. It takes 5-7 days to get credentials after the application is sent online to them.

  1. Click here to visit their application page: https://go.bamboohealth.com/ehrrequest.
  2. If your state is listed here, use the link below the state list
  3. If your state is not on the list, use the form to the right of the state list.
  4. Please use the following for the software vendor and the version
    1. DAW Systems (Scriptsure)
    2. v2

Getting Patient Consent to Download Their Medication History

In order to download the client's medication history, you need to have their consent. This can be added to questionnaire forms only. The client's consent is a required field to be able to download.

How to add the Patient Consent to an intake questionnaire:

  1. Go to 'My Forms' and select the desired questionnaire
  2. Add a Mixed Control question type.
  3. From the Items, Click the blue gear
  4. Choose Radio Buttons in the 'Type' dropdown
  5. Under Profile Mapping, choose 'Client Consent to Download Medication History

Downloading a Clients Medication History

A clients medication history can be downloaded a couple different ways.

How to Prescribe a New Medication

You can prescribe medications for your clients from a couple different locations. The first is from the client profile.

1. From the Prescriptions tab, you can add new prescriptions, manage prescriptions and see a list of previously prescribed medications by downloading the medication history.

2. Make sure your client has all the required fields filled out. This helps to reduce errors.  

3. To prescribe a new drug, click the green "+ Prescribe New Drug" button from the Prescriptions tab of the client you want to prescribe for. The prescribing interface will popup where you can search for drugs or look them up by category.

You can add a selected medication as a favorite, create a compound medication or create new order sets from this screen.

Choose the medication you want to prescribe from here.

4. You will be asked to select the format for the prescription.

You can select from existing formats or create your own format for this prescription. 

5. Once the format has been chosen, you will come to the Prescription Preview screen. 

Here you can choose the following:

  1. Quantity
  2. Directions
  3. Duration
  4. Insurances
  5. Diagnosis
  6. Pharmacy 
  7. + other options. 

As a Prescriber:
When you are done filling out this information, you can click the green "Send to Pharmacy" button to complete the script and send the medication to the pharmacy.

As an Assistant / Supporting User:
If you are queuing up to a provider, you would click the "Queue to Provider for Approval" and it will be sent to the providers queue for approval. 

Once a medication has been prescribed, it will show in the list in PracticeQ. To view more details about the script. You can click the blue "Manage Prescriptions" button.

If you are having issues sending medications, please confirm you have completed the following:

  • Your NPI and DEA are filled out correctly for the practice. You can add different DEA credentials per practice.
    • To check this, the PQ admin account needs to go to the eRx Settings page, click the "Open Prescription App" button and click the "Settings" button in the top right to access this information. Find the user on the user list and edit. The NPI and DEA are on the "Identification" circle.
  • If you are a single practitioner, you have added an admin supporting user and they have approved you for EPCS
    • You can invite other PQ users from the eRx settings page
    • If you are a single practitioner, and you don't have any other staff that are also PracticeQ users, go to the eRx settings screen and click the "Open Prescription App" button. You will see a way to add a supporting user there.
  • The correct practitioner and location are chosen in the green bar at the top when choosing the medication
  • If you are a supporting user, you must be set up correctly and the provider needs to approve you to send scripts to their queue.
    • The admin needs to go to the eRx settings screen and click the "Open Prescription App" button
    • They would find the user in the User List and edit their settings. They 

Linking a Prescription to Client Note

Link a prescriptions to the client note from the "More > Link to Prescription." This will launch the popup for you to link the prescription to an existing note. You can multi-select notes to link from this view.



You can enter allergies in the eRx UI and receive warning when there is an interaction issue. Allergies will also show on the patient record.

Issues with your Prescriptions?

You can email Scriptsure support with any issues regarding your prescriptions at support@dawsystems.com.

You can also access the Scriptsure support article library here: ePrescribing : ScriptSure Cloud ERX (DAW Systems, Inc.) (freshdesk.com).

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