ePrescribe: Download Medication History for Clients

In order to download the client's medication history, you need to have the client's consent. 

This can be completed in a couple different ways.

  1. Verbal Consent
    1. Speak to the client and get verbal consent for downloading their medication history
    2. Flip the "Client Consents to Download Medication History" control by editing the client's profile.
    3. See the following image:
  2. Map the consent question to an intake form
    1. You can also add the consent question to the intake form, this will allow the client to give consent on intake

How to Add the Patient Consent to an Intake Questionnaire:

  1. Go to 'My Forms' and select the desired questionnaire
  2. Add a "Mixed Control" question type.
  3. From the Items, Click the blue gear
  4. Choose Radio Buttons in the 'Type' dropdown
  5. Under Profile Mapping, choose 'Client Consent to Download Medication History

Downloading the Medication History

Note: The medical history is not guaranteed for all clients. Patients without insurance, medications paid by cash, or patients who have requested their medical history NOT be exposed to providers can cause the medication history check to be completed successfully but return NO DATA.

Once you have consent, you can download the medication history in two ways. From the "Prescription" tab on the client profile, you can download the client's history by:

1. Clicking the "Medication Download" button. This will give you a quick glimpse into their med history. This is a "read-only" view. 

2. Click the "Manage Prescriptions" button. You can download and view the history from the bottom of this popup. 

The Medications Download button will give you a read only view:

Under the "Manage Prescriptions" button, you can download and view the medications there. From this list, you can also click the green arrow on the right to add to the current medication list and have it display in practiceQ:

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