ePrescribe: "No Session Token" Message

    The following article applies to the usage of PracticeQ / ScriptSure in various browsers where you might get a "No Session Token" message.

    ScriptSure is fully compliant and compatible with these browsers but as a default, some browsers have a setting that must be disabled in order for PracticeQ and Scriptsure to communicate properly.

    To disable this setting, follow the below instructions.

    Steps to Resolve the "No Session Token" Message

    Please follow these steps to DISABLE the prevent cross-site tracking setting in Safari:

    • Safari on Laptop or PC
      • Open Safari on the PC or device and click the Safari Icon in header
      • Go to Settings
      • Go to Privacy Tab
      • Uncheck the following setting:
      • Close the browser
      • Logout of PracticeQ and then log back in and try to ePrescribe
    • For Safari in an iPad
      • So to iPad Settings > Safari > Privacy > Uncheck the checkbox for "Prevent Cross Site Scripting"
    • Chrome
      • Under "Privacy and Security", go to "Cookies and other site data" and make sure "Block Third Party Cookies" or "Block all cookies" is NOT selected.
    • Chrome on iPads
      • Go to Chrome settings and DISABLE the "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" setting.
    • Please make sure the "Fraudulent Website Warning" setting is also DISABLED

    For Safari on iPhones: 

    Follow the below instructions:

    1. Open your Settings icon
    2. Scroll down to Safari
    3. Open Safari
    4. Scroll down and uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking" to disable this setting. (its closer to the bottom)

    You can also use Chrome to prescribe. 

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