ePrescribe: Medications and Pharmacy Question Type

For our ePrescribing functionality, you can confirm the client's medications via a questionnaire by using the "Medications" Question Type.

Medications Question Type 

1. From the questionnaire that you want to be able to confirm the medications from, add a "Medications" question type to your questions.

2. This is what it looks like with the Medications question type in place:

3. Once you send the form, the clients view will contain a list of their current medications. They can check the "Still Taking?" checkbox on the list to confirm they are still taking the listed medication. 

4. The practitioner view will be able to see the confirmed medications.

From a Visit Note

1. You can also add this question type to the visit note where you can confirm the clients medications during the visit.

Pharmacy Question Type

You can also have clients manage their pharmacies via the pharmacy question type. By adding this question to your questionnaires and visit notes, you can allow your clients or the provider to mange the pharmacy details.

  1. Client/Provider can add a new pharmacy by using the search criteria below. (Phone number to be added).
  2. Client/Provider can confirm an already selected preferred pharmacy is the default
  3. Client/Provider can remove unused pharmacies
  4. Any pharmacy management via this question type will flow through to the pharmacy banner on the Prescriptions tab for the client

Live Questionnaire or Unlocked Note Example View:

Submitted Questionnaire or Locked Note View:

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