On a New or Disconnected Phone on a New or Disconnected Cell Phone:

If you have a new cell phone or if your cell was disconnected from your account, you can follow these steps below to add or re-associate a cell phone to your account. 

  • This is a manual step, even if you transfer data and apps to your new phone.
  • Why? Because recognizes individual devices, so your old phone's info won't automatically transfer.
  • Keeping your account up-to-date ensures a smooth and secure experience.

To update your with the new cell phone, you need to go to website directly. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'My Account', 'Sign-In' or your name in the top right
  3. Enter your username and password and sign in to
  4. If you have your old phone, complete your login with the Authenticator app on the old phone and skip to step 5
  5. If you do not have your old phone, when this window opens (shown below), click 'update your settings here' link at the bottom of the window and confirm your email address. Go through the steps presented to get into your account. Then move on to Step 5.

5. After Getting in to your account, click  Sign In and Security Tab at the top of the screen (shown below), you will be able to click Setup Up next to the PUSH NOTIFICATION if you haven’t already set this up (or select whichever method you prefer).  If you prefer CODE GENERATOR, click ADD on that area. Your account will look similar to this:

 6. After clicking 'Setup', you will then select 'Text Message' (this is a method to get the authenticator app on your phone, this is not saying you are selecting text message as an approval method).  Enter your cell number and click to 'Continue'. You will get a text message with a link to download the Push Notification ( authenticator app) – you will then see a notice to check your phone texts for a link to download the app to your phone.

7.  On your phone, check your text messages for a text like the following. Click the longer link in the text message:

8. Your phone will then take you through the steps to download the app through the App Store. After the app has been installed on your phone, you can open the app and then click 'Yes' to approve this 'Sign In' on your account. This completes the setup.

 9.  Please go back to your account, you will now see the following (next to Push notification will be your device and today’s date).

Note:  Remove your old authentication cell (devices) if any that you see under TEXT MESSAGE or Push Notification or Code Generator if desired.  If old phones are not removed, you will be asked every time you use WHICH phone you want to use.    

When done, you can close the window and then try to prescribe again. If you want to test it working, simply try to log back in to account on the site.

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