practiceQ Payments

IntakeQ offers its own payment processor as an option in the practiceQ subscription plan, which will save you money over using Square or Stripe. It also gives you a direct link in your account to the payment management dashboard.

This is for US customers only.

If you're not connected to any payment provider yet, you'll see the option for this in your payment settings under "Bookings > Booking Settings > Payments".

Effective Rate

The processing fee rate that is shown for Square above is very likely not the effective rate you'd be paying them (the same would apply to Stripe and many other payment processors). They typically cite their best rate, but other fees end up getting added on which increases the effective rate. We do not do this, the only other fee you'd pay to us is if you get a payment dispute ($25 per dispute).

To calculate the effective rate you're paying your current processor, use the calculator on the following page:

See the video below for more information.

How to Apply

If you're not yet connected to a payment provider, to start your application for practiceQ Payments, navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Payments" (you need to be the account admin) and you'll see where you can start the application. This will take you through a simple process where you'll provide the information needed to apply, the merchant team will go from there to review the application and respond accordingly. You may be notified if any additional information is required in the process.

For clients using a different payment provider currently, please contact us if you want to keep that active while you apply for practiceQ Payments.

To see answers to frequently asked questions about the feature of practiceQ Payments, go to the following article: practiceQ Payments FAQ

Card Data Migration

We offer FREE credit card data data migration from Stripe and Square to practiceQ Payments. To start this process, please reach out to us at The process typically takes 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how long it takes Stripe/Square to export the data to us (once we receive it, the process is quick).

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