Migrating to IntakeQ from Other Systems

Many business owners have been using other systems to send intake forms, schedule appointments, or store patient data, so they want a way to move the data from their old system into intakeQ.

Note: If you're migrating from SimplePractice please contact us as there is a special process for this which we can work through with you.

Importing Clients

You can import a list of your clients and their demographics into the system very easily, so long as you have a CSV. The CSV doesn't have to be in a specific format, so long as it follows the standards.

The following article goers over this process in more detail: Importing Clients

Importing Appointments

Importing appointments can be as simple as clients, though the CSV file has more requirements, so it'll depend on what you can get as an export from the other company.

The following article goes over how this import functions: Importing Appointments

Importing Documents & Other Files

Typically users will want to import other files along with their clients, such as PDF copies of older submitted intake forms, signed documents, etc. This is done through our file management feature, as it lets you store files directly on each client's profile. The one downside here is that it must be done one client at a time.

The following article shows how to store files with your clients: File Management

Contact us if you need assistance with anything when transitioning to us from another service provider.

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