How to Update Staff Names and Emails

PracticeQ allows you to invite staff and change some settings under the More > Team page, however, there are situations where a staff member's name or email address needs to be updated.  

Assistant accounts can be updated by the account administrator, but practitioners can not, and need to sign in and update these settings themselves.

For assistants, the account admin can click on More > Team > Assistant > Edit (beside the assistant's name) and update the name field and save the changes.

For Practitioners:

  1. Have the practitioner sign in using their email and password
  2. Click on More > Account
  3. For the name, simply update the first/last name, as needed, and click "Save"
  4. To update the email, click the 'Update email address', and enter the new email address.  The system will send a verification email to that address before updating the email address

In situations where a practitioner is no longer at the clinic, you will want to instead disable the practitioner and add a new practitioner.

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