Bulk Sending Client Portal Messages

If you're using the practiceQ client portal feature for communicating with your clients, you may want a way to send a message to many at one time. This is possible by sending a bulk message, which allows you to choose which clients the message is sent to, making this a much easier task than messaging each client individually.

To send a bulk message to clients, first navigate to your client list under "Lists > Clients". You'll need to ensure you can see the "Select" boxes to allow for bulk actions. If this is not enabled, click the "Columns" button, check off "Select", then click "OK". You'll see the check boxes appear on the left of your clients.

Now you can check off which clients you'd like to send a portal message to, click the "Bulk Actions" button, and select "Send Portal Message".

You will be able to compose your message and then send it to the selected clients. Message snippets are available to be used by clicking an icon that will appear in the upper right corner of the message text box (shown below).

Take note that only clients with active portal access, and who are not archived, will be sent the message. If you've removed a client from the portal list, that does archive their channel.
Clients do not see names of others who received the same message.


Please note that there are limits on how many messages you can send at one time:

  • Paid Subscribers: 1,000
  • Trial Users: 10

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