Claim Review Status

The PracticeQ Claims Module allows you to designate varying review states for claims, which gives you more granularity with the filters for those claims to assist with reviews and reports.

Claim Review Status'

Claims with a status of "Acknowledged", "Submitted", "Denied", "Rejected", "Paid" and "Deductible" will have additional options at the bottom of the claim to be used to set the review state.

  • Reviewing
    • The review of this claim is still in progress
  • Reviewed
    • This claim has been reviewed
  • Resubmitted
    • This claim has been resubmitted
  • Appealed
    • The claim has been appealed
  • Crossover (Medicare)
    • A crossover claim is a claim billed to Medicaid for the Medicare deductible and/or coinsurance
  • Pending
    • The claim is pending more information

The review status' can be viewed directly from the list:

Filtering the Claims List by the Claim Review Status'

Setting up the review status on the claim allows you to then filter the Lists > Claims by those review status' so you can see the claims you need to see. You can add multiple status filters as needed to see multiple status' at once.

Claim Review Status' on the CSV

The claim review status' are also included on the Claims List CSV export.

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