Good Faith Estimates

According to the No Surprises Act, beginning January 1, 2022, individual healthcare providers and facilities must provide a “good faith estimate” of the total expected charges to the patient’s plan or insurer (if the patient is insured and using his or her coverage) or directly to the uninsured or self-pay patient upon request or scheduling of a service.

A good faith estimate (GFE) is a financial document that shows the expected charges for healthcare services provided to uninsured individuals and those with insurance who choose to self-pay. Most healthcare providers must give you a GFE if you request one and you are uninsured or plan to pay the bill without insurance.

You can create and send GFE's from within intakeQ from the client's timeline for all clients no matter what their billing type is.

Good Faith Estimate Settings

  1. From Lists > Invoices > Invoice Settings > GFE Tab
    1. You can customize the form template and the email template
    2. We have provided some default heading and footer information required by CMS as well as a disclaimer that you can use
    3. You can choose to hide the grand total
    4. You can choose to NOT include a signature

Creating a Good Faith Estimate

  1. From the Client's Timeline, click the "+" icon and select "Create GFE"
  2. From here, you can edit the following on the GFE
    1. Issue date
    2. Practitioner
    3. Services 
    4. Procedure Codes (Can select multiple)
      1. You an select multiple codes from your main code list
    5. Diagnosis codes
      1. Can select multiple codes from your main code list
    6. Number of expected Sessions
    7. Fees
    8. Any notes about specific to this GFE
  3. Once you have included all the information, you can send the GFE to the client via the green "Issue" button.
    1. Note: Your custom form header will be applied when sending 
  4. You can issue the GFE via email or the secure portal 

Viewing the GFE

Once the GFE has been issued, you can view the details of it from the client timeline. 

By clicking "Actions > Preview" you can see what it looks like for the client.

Client View:

Use the link below to learn more about Good Faith Estimates:

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