Charging a Credit Card Manually for an Appointment

This article applies to the older IntakeQ invoicing system. The "Payment" option will read "Invoice" if you have the newer system, and additional functionality will be available.

IntakeQ allows you to manually charge for an appointment by entering the client’s credit card information. This is useful in cases where the client has booked a visit using the widget but has not paid online, or in cases where you are creating the appointment manually in the calendar.

See how to capture and manage client credit cards.

Entering the billing information for an appointment

These instructions assume that you have connected your account to a payment provider already (Stripe or Square) and that the appointment in question already exists.

  1. Locate the appointment in question, if the appointment doesn't exist, create a new one and hit "Save".
  2. Open the appointment and click on the "Enter Payment Information" link.

3. Enter the client’s credit card information or select a card that is already on file.

4. In the field "Charge", you can choose to create the charge immediately or to defer it to the date of the appointment.

When you hit the "Confirm" button, IntakeQ will either create the charge automatically, or pre-authorize it and charge it automatically on the appointment date, depending on what option is selected in the "Charge" field.

Note that if the there is one or more credit cards associated with this client, this screen will give you the option to use an existing card.

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