Team Calendar

The team calendar offers a way to access and manage appointments for multiple practitioners in a single calendar. This view is available for account admins and any practitioners who are given appropriate permissions.

Setting Permissions

To give a practitioner access to the team calendar, you must assign them to a role that has access to the team calendar. Under the roles settings, you will find two permissions related to the team calendar: "Can view Team Calendar" and "Can manage Team Calendar". Once you set up a role with the desired permissions, just assign the role to the practitioner under "More > Team > Practitioners".

Accessing the Team Calendar

To access the team calendar, click on the "Bookings" menu and then on the "Team" button located at the top right corner of the page.

Notice in the image above a color coded list of practitioners. You can click on each practitioner to show/hide their respective appointments.

Team Calendar Timezone Display

By default the team calendar displays appointments in each practitioners timezone, there is a link directly below the calendar where you can choose to force all appointments to show in your timezone instead if you wish.

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