Assigning Tasks via Form Rules

IntakeQ allows you to create and assign tasks to practitioners/assistants via form rules. A common use case for this would be requesting another practitioner to review a submitted intake form when a client notes something specific in an answer to a multiple selection question on an intake questionnaire. This will allow you to automatically create a workflow that allows a task to be generated when a client answers questions in a specific way.

This article assumes that you understand the basics of the Rules and the Tasks systems.

This is a two step process: Create the tasks and choose the due date, priority, who the task is assigned to, etc. Once this is set up, access the form and apply the rules.

Step 1: Creating the Process Template

  1. Click on "More > Processes > New".
  2. Name the task template and click "Add New Task".
  3. Set the task description, priority, due date, and who to assign the task to.

    For example, if you want to send a task to a specific assistant when a client answers that they wish to be added to the mailing list, you would set the priority to low, the Description as 'Add to newsletter', and set the 'Assign to' as: 'Assign to Specific User - (choose the assist).

    If instead, you want to create a task for the client's practitioner to review their medicine list, you would set the priority, the Description as 'Review Client Medication', and set the 'Assign to' as: 'Assign to Client Owner'.

Step 2: Selecting which Process to Trigger

  1. Click on "My Forms > (open form template) > ... > Settings > Rules".
  2. Click "Add New Rule".
  3. Choose the question and set the rule as follows:
    1) If - Question #
    2) Equals - Desired Answer
    3) Then - Trigger Process Automation
    4) Select the Process to be triggered.

Reviewing the Rules

When you want to check the rules that trigger tasks, you won't have to go through each of your forms manually.  You can click on "More > Processes > (select template) > Automation". The system will display the rules from forms that can trigger the tasks automatically as shown below.

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