Displaying Current Diagnosis Codes within Treatment Notes

The IntakeQ patient diagnosis feature allows you to assign diagnosis codes to your clients that are used in superbills and insurance claims. These codes are typically added through treatment notes, but only once as that saves the code to the client's "Diagnosis" profile tab for use on any future superbills or claims.

In some circumstances you may want to display current diagnosis codes in follow-up treatment notes, so there is a special question type available to allow for this.

Question Type: Current Diagnosis

Within a treatment note template, select the question type labelled "Current Diagnosis", this will pull through any current diagnosis codes applied to the client into the treatment note once it's added to the client's timeline.

View from the note template editor:

View from a treatment note added to a client's timeline:

Editing Current Diagnosis from a Note:

You can edit the diagnosis on a Current Diagnosis question type for unlocked treatment notes by clicking the 'Edit' button. 

This will allow you to:

  1. Arrange the codes in the order you wish according to the focus of the visit. This order should follow through to the claim or superbill.
  2. Remove the codes from the visit note. This allows you to remove codes that you do not want to bill for. 
    1. This DOES NOT remove the codes from the client's main diagnosis list. It just hides them from the note.
  3. Add any new diagnosis. This WILL add the diagnosis code to the client's main diagnosis list.

Use role settings to prevent certains roles from having this access.


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