Using Product Packages

By using the Products functionality, you can create a 'Product Package'. This is a product bundle that can be priced and added to invoices using a single SKU. 

The benefits of using a product package are listed below:

  • Boost conversions: Group complementary products into enticing packages that cater to specific needs.
  • Increase average order value: Encourage customers to spend more by offering bundled deals that are more attractive than buying individual items.
  • Simplify inventory management: Track and manage your bundled products as a single unit, saving you time and reducing inventory complexity.
  • Enhance marketing and promotions: Create targeted campaigns around your product packages, highlighting the added value and convenience they offer.

Creating a Product Package

  1. To create a product package, you must have products already entered in the 'Products' section (Lists > Invoices > Invoice Settings > Products tab).
  2. Once you have products entered, click the "+ Create Package" button.
  3. Add the details about the package including the featured products, the quantity of those products, the price, the SKU, the name and the description.
  4. Save the Package details and the package will be added to the list.

Click the "+ Create New Package" to make a new package:

Enter the package details:

Adding a Product Package to an Invoice

  1. From the invoice, you can add the package by clicking the 'Add Item' line and navigate to the "Show Product Packages" tab to select the package.
  2. The package will be added to the invoice and each total product count will be depreciated by the amount included in the package when the invoice is issued.

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