How Do I Convert a Paper Form to an Online Intake Form?

Going paperless is great for a multitude of reasons and IntakeQ makes the process of conversion from paper to electronic as user friendly as possible.

There are two options:

1. Do It Yourself

You have all the tools to convert your paper documents into our electronic format. For assistance in creating intake questionnaires, consent forms, and treatment notes, please see the following articles:

2. Have Us Professionally Convert Your Forms

Our team can convert your forms for you to save you time and to ensure we take full advantage of the systems capabilities. We charge a $9 fee per form ($50 for scanned or encrypted forms), since converting a form is a manual process for us. This fee covers the first 10 pages of a form, additional pages are charged at $2 per page. We will deliver your intake forms in timely manner and can also assist you creating a header for your forms.

If you'd like a quote on form conversion, feel free to send your forms as email attachments to, we'll get back to you in a timely manner with a price.

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