IntakeQ Telehealth Options

IntakeQ offers two integrated solutions to support your remote video meetings:

This article will highlight the differences between each offering to help you determine which one works best for you.

IntakeQ Telehealth

IntakeQ Telehealth was developed by our team and is the most affordable HIPAA compliant option at $10/month per user.
Other than the lower cost, the main benefit is that you won't require an external tool and your clients will not have to download and install any software, as everything runs on the browser.
Our telehealth has some limitations when compared to Zoom. We currently don't support group meetings or recordings. Local recording can be done using third-party software.
Another thing to consider is that, even though things work 99% of the time, the occasional client may have technical difficulties making video calls work in the browser. These issues can happen for a variety of reasons, like when the client is on an old browser, fails to give permission to access the camera, etc. Most of these issues are resolved by asking the client to prepare before the video session. Since Zoom has their own application, the experience tends to be easier after the app is installed, as users don't have to deal with browser permissions.
To learn more about IntakeQ Telehealth, see this article:

Zoom Integration

With this option, you would use your own Zoom account and simply connect it with IntakeQ. For healthcare providers, Zoom's pricing varies, please visit for more information about their pricing. If you are not a healthcare provider, you could use the Basic, Pro or Business accounts ( pricing here).
This option makes more sense for practices that have more than 5 practitioners, and prefer Zoom over IntakeQ Telehealth.
The following article shows how to integrate your Zoom account with IntakeQ:

Other Options

There are several other telehealth vendors out there and some of them can fit nicely into your IntakeQ workflow as long as they work based on URLs. You simply need to add the practitioner's URL to your appointment reminders and confirmation email templates. One of these vendors is

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