Canceling an Appointment for a Client

If the client or practitioner needs to cancel for any reason, you can include the reasons when canceling the appt from the booking calendar.

Canceling From the Booking Calendar

1. If the client contacts you to cancel their appointment, you can click the orange "Cancel" button from the appt on the calendar

2. Choose the reason + sub reason for the cancelation and write any notes to the client.

3. Click the green "Confirm Cancellation" button to confirm.


Viewing the Cancelation Reasons

1. If you hover the "Canceled" status on Lists > Appts, you can view the cancellation reason:

2. You can view the tooltip from the client's timeline as well (Currently not available but it will be out next week)

3. You can Filter by Cancel Status on the Lists > Appts page. (Also, out next week)

4. You can also see the cancelation reason from the CSV export

5. The appt popup will reflect the cancelation type and reason. 
Note: This will also show the reason and note when the client canceled from the booking widget.


Reporting on the Cancelations

From the Appointments List, the cancelation reasons can be used as a filter so you can filter down to just those appts. These results will be exported to the CSV.

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