Recurring Appointments

This article describes how to create recurring appointments using your IntakeQ calendar.

Creating a Recurring Series

  1. The first step is to create the first appointment in the series.
  2. Once the first appointment is saved, open it again, click on "More > Recurring".

  3. Set the recurrence parameters (daily, weekly, monthly) and click on Create Appointments.

Recurring weekly appointments

Notice that the occurrence field indicates the total number of appointments in the series.

Setting an end date for the recurrence.

Deleting or Stopping a Recurring Series

Once the recurrence is set up, you can delete the whole series or stop the recurrence after a specific appointment.

When opening any appointment in a recurring series, you’ll have two delete options:

  • Delete Recurrence: This option will permanently delete all appointments in the series.
  • Stop Recurrence: This option will permanently delete the appointments that come after the current appointment.

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