Recurring Appointments

This article describes how to create recurring appointments in your practiceQ calendar.

Creating a Recurring Series

  1. The first step is to create the first appointment in the series.
  2. Once the first appointment is saved, open it again and click on "More > Recurring".

  3. Set the recurrence parameters and click on "Create Appointments".

You're able to set how often appointments recur and on what day of the week, as well as how many appointments are in the series and/or an end date. 

Please note that the system is limited to allow up to 104 appointments to be created at one time through recurrence. We would suggest setting up a task reminder to setup further recurring appointments if needed: Task Management

Display Overlaps When Scheduling Recurring Appts

There is a setting that will warn you if the appts you are about to book in a recurring appt series will overlap already existing appts on the calendar. To enable this setting. Go to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Settings Tab > Recurring Appointments section

With this enabled, you will see the overlaps and can select a different appt time on the spot!

Stopping a Recurring Series

If you need to stop a recurring series of appointments, load up the last actual appointment you want in the series, then click "More > Stop Recurrence".

Assuming this is not the last appointment in the series, you'll be prompted asking what you'd like to have happen with the remaining appointments.

If you select "Yes" here the remaining appointments after the one you're on will be deleted, otherwise the series will not be stopped and no appointments are impacted.

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