Customize Your Booking Website

IntakeQ gives you a booking widget that you can embed on your website. This option is great because the widget will blend naturally with your website design.

Some clients, however, prefer to have a separate booking page outside of their website. For this scenario, IntakeQ offers a booking website that hosts your booking widget.

To get the link to your booking website, navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings, go to the "Widget" tab, and locate the link under the section that says "Don’t have a website?".

As you can see on the image above, you’ll also find the option to customize the booking page. You can customize the URL to make it more personal to your practice as well, see the following article on how to do this: Vanity URLs

Simply send the link to your clients and they'll be able to choose your services and book dates based off your availability.

Advanced Options

You may be looking to customize the look of your booking widget further via CSS, so we give you the ability to add code to the <head> section of the HTML for your booking website. This is located just before the above option.

If you'd like assistance in styling your booking website, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

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