How to Process/Record a Copayment

Note: This feature is only available to users who have the Claims module enabled.

When you see an insured client you will typically want to bill their copayment amount via IntakeQ. In order to tell IntakeQ to invoice this customers only for their copays, there are 2 necessary steps:

First, in their client profile, change their "Billing Type" field to "Insurance".

Further down in the same screen, set their copay amount.

Like other client profile fields, the copay can be mapped to intake forms in case you want to collect this information during your intake process.

In order to bill the copay for an actual session, open the session's appointment dialog, and in the Invoice field click on "Actions" to see the invoice creation shortcuts.

Notice that the invoice will be created with the information pulled from the client's profile "Primary Insurance Copay" field.

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