ePrescribe: Cancelling a Prescription

After the script has been sent to the pharmacy, there is an option to cancel it. Follow the instructions below.

Note: There is no guarantee the script will be canceled. For example, if the pharmacy has already filled the script and the patient has picked it up, the script can no longer be canceled. Furthermore, NOT ALL PHARMACIES are certified for receiving Cancel Prescription Requests

  1. Select the patient then go to their "Prescriptions" tab
  2. Click the blue "Manage Prescriptions" button and then locate the prescription 
  3. Click the gear at the end of the row.
  4. Selecting "Cancel Prescription" notifies the pharmacy of the cancel request. 
  5. Once you click "Cancel Prescription", the script will show "Cancellation Pending".
  6. If the pharmacy approves the cancellation, the status will be updated to "Cancellation Approved"

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