ePrescribe: Prescribing Controlled Substances

1. Create the Script and Sign into ID.me

  1. From practiceQ, find the client and navigate to their "Prescriptions" tab on the profile
  2. Click the green "Prescribe New Drug" button
  3. Search for and select a med, strength, & directions
  4. Edit the script as needed and set a pharmacy destination
  5. Click "Send to Pharmacy"
  6. The 2 factor approval process will begin for the controlled prescriptions.  The ID.ME window will prompt the user to login:
    • Enter your Email and username for personal ID.me account (this was created during your initial sign-up with ePrescribe).
    • The ID.me window will then ask you to complete the second step; for many this is the cell phone app.  A green circle will spin On-Screen and it will indicate you need to go to your ID.me app to approve the sign-in to ID.me and ultimately send the controlled prescription.
    • Go to your cell phone, open the Authenticator app and click YES!
  7. You will then be back in ePrescribe and you can review the order and click APPROVE AND SEND; the prescription will then go to the pharmacy.


2. Go to your cell phone and open the ID.me Authenticator 

During sign-up all providers download this app to your cell phone.  
The Authenticator app has the following icon on your cell phone

4. After doing the above, back in ScriptSure you will see the final confirmation window where you can click Approve and Send:


Code Generator or Physical Token

You may have code generator or physical token as your second method for approving controlled meds.

If so, the above push notification above is replaced with one of these options:

Code Generator
Go to ID.me app and located 6-digit code you then enter into ScriptSure when prompted.


Hard Token
Insert key into your device and touch the button to approve.

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