ePrescribe: Getting Approved for EPCS

To be able to prescribe controlled substances, you will need at least one supporting user to approve your identity. 
This is a rule from the DEA. You can read more about this rule below.

You should have been asked to include this user upon sign up. If you don't have a supporting use yet, you can invite on with the below directions.

To add Supporting Users to your account:

  1. Go to your ePrescribe settings
  2. If you have other prescriber or assistants on your account, they will be listed below

  3. Click blue "Send Invitation Email". This will send them an email to sign up.
    1. NOTE: You must be an administrator already to perform this function).

Once the Supporting User is Set Up in ePrescribe

  1. The supporting user must log in to Scriptsure to approve the prescriber for EPCS.
    1. If they are a user in intakeQ, they can go to the "Prescriptions" tab for any prescribing client and click any of the buttons on that page.
      1. Once they are in, they will see a screen like the below
      2. They will need to click the green button and approve the prescriber from the next screen
    2. If they are not a user in the application, you can add them this way:
      1. Go to your ePrescribe settings
      2. Click the blue "Manage Prescription App"
      3. Click ADD USER top right and select add Invite Supporting user (NOTE: You must be an administrator already to perform this function).
      4. Enter another person’s name and email and check off both basic and full administrator.
      5. This user will then receive an email; they will need to click SETUP ACCOUNT from their email. (Their setup is essentially just setting a password and then they will be in ScriptSure).
      6. A pop-up that shows EPCS request will appear. The user clicks review and then APPROVE next to your name. This is all this user needs to do.


DEA's Second User (Administrator) Requirement

The DEA has a very strange rule that even though you are the practitioner at your own practice, you must add a second user. This second user is a supporting user and can be a nurse, admin, manager, colleague, spouse, friend, family member, etc. (basically anyone). There is no charge for supporting users. The key component of this user is they must be an admin and login to approve a provider to prescribe at the account initially. Please note this is not a rule we designed, rather it is a requirement of the DEA; it is referred to as logical access control. 
Ultimately, this second user approves the provider one-time for prescribing.  This person needs to login and click approve next to your name and you can then prescribe. What this user is doing is saying I know this is a provider and will be E-prescribing for this account. To add the second user you can do so during your setup process. After you do the steps below, you can prescribe and the second user does not need to login again.

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