How to Get Your Intake Forms to Your Clients

Let's have a look at the different ways you can get your intake packages in front of your clients.

1. Send Intakes Privately via Email or SMS

IntakeQ allows you to send an intake package to your client privately. All you need is the client's name and email address or mobile phone number. The client will receive an email or SMS invitation to fill out the forms containing a link and a temporary access code. Below are articles that explain how to send intake packages or a single consent form, as well as one dedicated to sending forms via SMS:

2. Add Forms to Your Website

This method allows you to have links to your intake packages in your website. The forms are still hosted on our secure infrastructure. When using this method, we recommend using a custom form header that blends with your website. You can also redirect the client back to your website when a form is submitted. The following article explains how to add forms to your website: How to Add an Intake Form to Your Website

3. Send Form Automatically When Client Books an Appointment

This method is only available if you are using our appointment management module. It allows you to automate things by having our system send forms automatically when your client books an appointment online using your booking widget. You can specify different intake forms for each appointment type, which gives you a lot of flexibility. The following article explains how to set up your booking widget, including how to assign an intake package to a service type: How to Setup Online Booking and Payment

4. Send Form When Booking an Appointment in Your Calendar

When you create an appointment in your IntakeQ calendar, you also have the option to specify if you want an intake to be sent. This is a quick way to create an appointment and send the forms at the same time.

5. Send Form Using the Secure Messaging Portal

If you have the Secure Messaging Portal add-on enabled in your account, you will be able to send forms via the portal. The following article explains the process in detail: How to Send Forms Using the Messaging Portal

6. Send Form Using Scheduled Emails

Our Automated Emails feature allows you to set up scheduled emails based around appointment dates (e.g. remind client about their next check-up 6 months after an appointment). You can also use this feature to schedule forms to be sent automatically based on appointment dates. For example, you can have a survey or feedback form sent to every client one day after a certain appointment type. The following article covers it in more detail: Send Scheduled Forms

In addition to the 6 methods described above, you can also send a link to a form using other methods, like a personal email, or text messages or a third-party automated system.

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