PracticeQ for Chiropractors

PracticeQ has enhanced features for chiropractors tailored to streamline their practice management. These tools will enable more efficient patient record-keeping, appointment scheduling, and billing processes. PracticeQ aims to provide chiropractors with the resources they need to deliver exceptional care and grow their practices seamlessly.

Intakes, Consents and Outcome Assessments

PracticeQ gets you started with the following intakes and outcomes as importable forms or already added to your account. You are able to send these out manually or automatically at intervals as Journals.

  • Intakes and Assessments
    • Wellness Intake Form: Chiropractic
      • Quickly capture reason for the visit, areas of discomfort, medical history, medications, and social history.
    • Patient Intake: Chiropractic:
      • Ask detailed questions based on reason for the visit, including auto-accident and work injury. Assess multiple areas of concern and descriptions of symptoms. Conditional logic displays questions relevant to patient responses.
    • Subjective Complaint
      • Designed to be completed on the day of a follow-up visit, understand the reason for the visit and areas of concern.
    • Neck Disability Index (NBI)
      • Scoring is pre-configured based on the assessment guidelines, and used to track progress over time, using our Measurement Based Care feature
    • Oswestry Disability Index
      • Scoring is pre-configured based on the assessment guidelines, and used to track progress over time, using our Measurement Based Care feature
    • Neck Bournemouth Questionnaire
    • Back Bournemouth Questionnaire
    • Release of Information - ROI

  • Consent Forms
    • HIPAA Privacy Notice
    • Consent for Chiropractic Treatment
    • SF-12 Health Survey (ChiroCare)
    • Patient Health Questionnaire (ACN Group - PHQ -102)
    • Patient Health Questionnaire (ACN Group - PHQ - 202)
    • Patient Follow-up Questionnaire (ChiroCare)
    • Neck Index (ChiroCare)
    • Back Index (ChiroCare)
    • Back Index (ACN Group - BI-100)

  • Note Templates
    • SOAP Note for Chiro
    • Advanced SOAP & Chart Note - Chiropractic

New Spine Chart Question Type

We have included a new question type specific to recording the abnormalities detected in patient evaluations. To utilize in your session notes, follow the steps below.

  1. From your session note template, add the Spine Chart Question Type
  2. Once added, it will display on your session note for your to record your finding.
    1. Click the section once to mark it with a color
    2. Click the "+ note" link to add a note to the spinal section

Note: You can document the findings on our spine chart directly from your SOAP note. If pinned, this information will carry over to the next visit making viewing the last session's information a breeze!

Importable Assessments

The following assessments are available to import from the 'Standard Forms" library under the Chiropractic group. 

  • Importable Assessments (Standard Forms)
    1. Workers Compensation Intake Questionnaire
    2. Upper Extremity Pain Questionnaire (UEFI)
    3. Fear Avoidance Belief Questionnaire (FABQ)
    4. The Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS)
    5. Neck Disability Index (NBI)
    6. Disability of the Arm, Hand & Shoulder (DASH)
    7. Walking Scale Questionnaire
    8. Neck Bournemouth Questionnaire
    9. Back Bournemouth Questionnaire
    10. Automobile Accident Questionnaire
    11. Oswestry Disability Index
    12. Subjective Knee Score Questionnaire
    13. Hip Rating Questionnaire
    14. Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI)
    15. Shoulder Pain and Disability [SPADI]

Features Enabled to Optimize Chiropractic Workflows

PracticeQ has many great features that will help your practice optimize their workflows so you can deliver care effectively. 

  • Measurement Based Care
    • The scored matrix question type on questionnaires can be scored and plotted on a time graph so you can measure the clients progress over time.
      • UEFI
      • LEFS
      • NBI
      • TSK-11
      • SPADI - Would need to split into two graphs for Pain/Disability
      • DHI
      • Walking Scale Questionnaire
      • Oswestry

  • Journals
    • Automatically send out your questionnaires at defined intervals so the scores are there when you're ready!
  • Patient Diagnosis
    • Record and track the diagnosis for the patient in your session notes
  • Task Management
    • Task management allows you and your team to stay on top of client related tasks; be it preparing a treatment plan, sending a superbill or following up with a patient after a certain period of time. 
    • These tasks can also be created automatically according to some rules you set.
  • Staff Comments
    • This feature allows you and your team to add internal comments to a client's profile. These comments can be used to track any remarks that do not belong in the client's chart, like communication points, billing issues, etc.
  • Team Messaging
    • Our Team Messaging feature allows you to communicate with your team in a compliant manner without leaving the IntakeQ interface you are used to.
  • Inventory Management
    • PracticeQ has an easy-to-use product inventory management solution that will improve your customer service by ensuring that your patients always have the supplies they need, and that you are running your practice as efficiently as possible. 
    • Check out the product packages as well so you can group products together and add them all to the invoice easily.

Chiropractic Codes Added

PracticeQ comes pre-loaded with all the ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes that you need to get going quickly!

  • ICD 10 Code Range
    • G43.009 - G57.93
    • M12.38 - M50.820

Invoicing, Superbills and Insurance Billing

Whether cash-based or you are billing insurance payers, PracticeQ has you covered! Issue invoice, submit claims and receive ERA's right into the system. Superbills are easy to create and sedn out to your patients as well. Check out the articles below to get started!

We are Committed!

Thank you for your continued trust in our software. We are committed to supporting chiropractors with the tools they need to thrive and provide outstanding patient care. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations designed to make your practice run even more smoothly.
We'd love your feedback! Email us here with ideas and experiences!

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