ePrescribe: Registering Physical Token with ID.me

For prescribing EPCS, there is an option to use a physical token that plugs into your computer to verify your ID so you don't always have to use your phone. 

Only YUBICO FIPS SERIES tokens are compliant with the DEA rules and regulation.  FIPS is a security compliance level for the device has a higher level of security that other tokens.

After you have ordered and received your YUBICO token, it must be associated with your ID.me account directly. Please follow the steps to do that.  If you need to order a token, you do so directly from YUBICO at the following site: https://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-fips/

How to register your Yubico key FOB:

2. Click “My Account” and “Sign In”

3. Enter your login information and click “Sign In”
4. Follow the multi-factor authentication (MFA) prompts to complete sign in
5. Then, click “Sign in & Security”

6. Scroll down to “Fido Security Key” and click “Set Up”

7. Follow the prompts to complete multi-factor authentication (MFA) again. 
8. Then, select “External security key or built-in sensor”

9. Select “OK”
10. Select “OK” again.
11. Insert the key into your device

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