ePrescribing - Creating an Order Set

In the practiceQ ePrescribe functionality, you can create order sets of commonly used prescription combinations. Please follow the steps below to create your order set.

How to Create an Order Set

1. From a patient's Prescription tab, click the "Prescribe New Drug" Button

2.When the medication search window opens, click the "Create and Order Set" button

3. When the Order Set window Opens, click the Setup button 

4. The Order Set Window will open and show the named Order Set will appear on the left. 

7. The Drug Search Screen will open and you can find and then select the first medication you want to be a part of the Order Set.

8. Search for the medication you want to add to the order set.

9. The "Create Order" popup will open and you can further configure the medication as you want. You can modify the quantity, directions, add refills, set a pharmacy comment, etc. and the click "Save Order".

10. You will be put back to the drug search window where you can add another find any add another medication to the Order Set. You can add as many medications as you want and you can add controlled or non-controlled medications to the Order Set.

11. The order set of 2 medications now looks like this:

12. Click "Close" when finished to save the new order set. You will see it on the list or Order Sets. 

NOTE: You can also add a set diagnosis for the Order set and you can add educational material that will print out when the Order Set is selected.

How to Use an Order Set

1. From a client's "Prescriptions" tab,

2. Click the "Prescribe New Drug" button

3. When the medication search window opens, click "Create Order Set": 

5. Select the order set you want to use:

6. You can then view, edit and send the prescription orders.

7. You can click the pen to edit the prescription for this particular patient.

8. Click the trash can to delete this prescription from the order set for the!

9. Set the pharmacy destination

10. Enter any desired notes or comments to communicate to the pharmacist.

11. Send the prescriptions to the pharmacy.

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