ePrescribe: Searching for Pharmacies

Please note that every pharmacy in the United States that can receive an electronic prescription is pre-programmed into ScriptSure.  This includes retail, mail order, specialty, long term care and 24-hour pharmacies.  If you are not finding the pharmacy you are looking for, please follow the steps below.

To find a pharmacy, you can search by ANY of the following individual fields or a COMBINATION of the following fields.  Whatever you search, spelling and accurate data being input is critical given that ScriptSure attempts to match to your search inputs exactly!

  1. Pharmacy Name
  2. Street Address
  3. City
  4. State
  5. ZIP (recommended starting point)
  6. Phone
  7. Fax number
  • The following recommended 4 steps should result in finding a pharmacy 100% of the time.  If you cannot find the pharmacy after the 4 steps, the data being entered in the fields is incorrect and we recommend contacting the pharmacy for their NCPDPID and searching that.

Important Notes:

Only pharmacies that have submitted to the electronic network are available. If you don't see the pharmacy you are looking for, it's possible they do not accept electronic prescriptions.

The following are some examples that are helpful for your searches:

  • If you search for a pharmacy with abbreviations, you will want to search both the abbreviations and the non-abbreviations:  
    Example: the pharmacy city may be listed as St. Louis or Saint Louis.  You should search both.
  • Another example is 123 East Street may need to be searched by 123 E Street or 123 E. Street
  • CVS pharmacy official name on the network is CVS/pharmacy; as a result searching CVS PHARMACY would show no results.  The slash “/” is required.  To avoid this, searching the first 3 letters CVS only will find the CVS’s.  Due to examples such as this that we recommend simply searching zip code first.
  • Walgreens Pharmacy official name to search is Walgreens Drug Store.  Searching WAL in the pharmacy name field will show all Walgreen’s, but it will also show all Walmart’s.  Searching WALG will refine to the Walgreens only.  If there are too many results, add the city to the search.
  • Mail order facilities ARE IN SCRIPTSURE.  Express Scripts can be searched by simply putting in the Pharmacy name field: EXPRESS SCRIPTS

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