Recording Allergies via Questionnaire & Session Note

Recording client allergies accurately is crucial for safe and effective care. It acts like a red flag, alerting practitioners to potential dangers before prescribing medications or administering treatments.

PracticeQ allows you to record allergies on intake and then confirm those allergies during the visit so they can be alerted before prescribing medications or administering treatments.

Recording Allergies via Intake Questionnaire

We have a standard question for Allergies that can be easily added to your intakes and questionnaires.

  1. From the form builder, click the "+" icon. 
  2. Select the "Add Allergies Question" option:
  3. The question will be added at the end of the existing question list.
  4. Click on it to view the details of the question:
  5. You can update the column names or dropdown selections or leave as-is.

    If you are using the ePrescribe functionality, this is the format of the data as you would enter it into the system so you might want to try it this way first and modify as needed. The fields are not required.

Once the client has submitted the form, the intake results are displayed to the practitioner when clicking the form from the client's timeline:

Managing Allergies via Session Note

Once the client has entered their allergies via intake, you can confirm them during the session. To view the intake during the session note:


  1. Pin Allergies question on the intake
  2. Make sure the Pinned Notes setting is enabled to allow to populate notes
  3. The answers from the intake will pull into the session note

For ePrescribe Users

If you are an ePrescribe user, you have a special version of the question for Visit Notes ONLY that will allow you to add the client's allergies to the ePrescribe system from the visit note.

  1. From the Visit Note Template and select the 'Allergies' standard question Question Type dropdown. This standard question will allow you to enter the allergies for the patient from the visit note. 
  2. To enter a new allergy for the client, search for the allergy name from the search bar.
  3. The allergy list will popup as you are typing. Select the allergy from the list to add it to the question. You can also type whatever you want in this field.
  4. You can enter these optional details about the allergy
  5. If the Client does not have any allergies, click the "No Known Allergies" button. 
    1. Please note that this will remove any existing allergies on the list.

Important: Once you have entered the client's allergies onto the question type, you need to LOCK the note to synch the allergies to the ePrescribe banner under the Prescriptions tab.

By entering the client's allergies from the visit note, they will be recognized when prescribing to avoid any unwanted interactions.

Viewing the Intake During the Session

Tip: To view the intake while working in the visit note, CMD or CNTRL + Click on the intake in the timeline and it will pop out from the side.

Viewing the Medications When Prescribing

The allergies will display in the banner on the client profile and will be recognized when prescribing medications and will show in the ePrescribe system when prescribing so important interactions will be displayed.


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