ePrescribe: Dening Pharmacy Refills

Pharmacies are able to send electronic refill requests to providers and users can approve or deny those requests. Any refills will come into the ScriptSure application and be presented in the Messages window.

Deny Refills

You can always Deny a pharmacy refill request.  By clicking DENY next to the refill request, you will be able to then select a denial from a list of denial reasons.

Permissions Alert: It is possible you may not have permissions to perform this function. If an administrator has restricted this, you will need to consult with the admin to change your Role to one that allows this function.

The denial reasons available to you are shown below.  There is a corresponding denial code that is sent and that the pharmacist will see, but it is not shown in ScriptSure:

Patient unknown to the Provider AA
Patient never under Provider care AB
Patient no longer under Provider care AC
Patient has requested refill too soon AD
Medication never prescribed for the patient AE
Patient should contact Provider first AF
Fill/Refill not appropriate AG
Patient needs appointment AM
Prescriber not associated with this practice or location AN
Request already responded to by other means ( e.g. phone/fax) AP
Medication denied at patient request BE
Patient had allergy to requested medication CZ
Medication has been discontinued DA

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