practiceQ Changelog

Welcome to the practiceQ Changelog! This is where you can see a running list of all the changes implemented in practiceQ recently.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about what you see here.

Product Updates for September

1. Income Reconciliation - Breakout of Income by Payment Processor, Manually Entered Payments

From Reports >Income, the display is now separated out into payments received through your credit card processor and any manually entered payments.

By clicking into the total of the manually entered payments, you can see the payment method recorded for the payment. 

UPDATE 9/22/23: Insurance Income split out by payer.

The Insurance Income section has been split out into by payer.

UPDATE 9/26/23: Income report line item for coupons and discounts.

We have added a line item that will show the total of all the coupons and discounts that were used during the time period.

2. Updated Placeholder Text on Booking Widget and Portal

We have updated the field labels and placeholder text on the booking widget as well as the fields for signing up for the portal to make it more clear what information is needed. We also want to reduce the likelihood that a client would try to sign in with different names as well as making it easier for third-parties to understand whose info the form is asking for. 

Booking Widget

  • "Enter your information" was changed to "Client Information"
  • "Client's Name" was changed to "Name"
  • "Client's Full Name" was changed to "First and Last Name"
  • "Your email address" was changed to "Email Address"

Booking Widget Login

  • "Your Full Name" was changed to "First and Last Name"

3. Bulk Upload Coupon Codes

You can now paste a list of codes directly into the Coupon field. This will save time when create coupons with the same details.

4. Google Meet Setting for "Do not add clients to the Google event attendee list" Defaulted to Off

The setting for "Do not add clients to the Google event attendee list" is defaulted to on to avoid names showing on the attendee list unintentionally.

5. "Potential Card Issues" Dashboard Widget

For pQ Pay Customers Only. Our integration with our own processor allows us to pull this information directly while other processors do not have the ability to pull the info easily.

This new dashboard widget will show you upcoming appointments where there is no card on file or the card on file will expire before the appointment date. Note that this does include appointments where the client has not completed their form.

6. Custom CPT's Carry Forward to Superbills

If a practitioner has a custom CPT price on the service, it will carry forward to the superbill.

7. Updating Existing Appts When Custom Fee Schedule is Changed

When editing the custom fee schedule for individual clients on the client profile, you can apply the changes to already booked future appointments by clicking the checkbox before clicking the save button.

Product Updates for June / July

1. Ability to Filter by Multiple Services

From Lists > Appointments, you can now multi-select the services to filter the list down to. This filtered view should also apply to the CSV download.

2. Display Overlaps When Scheduling Recurring Appts

By turning on the following setting under “Bookings > Booking Settings > Settings > Recurring Appts”, you will be notified when booking recurring appointments that an already existing appt is in the spot you are looking to book. You can then choose another time or bypass the warning and book anyway. 

Note: Clicking the date field will bring up the calendar.

3. ePrescribe Updates

  • Write a script from a note:
    • ePrescribers can create a script now from the “More” menu from inside a note.
  • “Medications” question type
    • Users can now add a “Medications” question type which will allow the following:
      • On questionnaires - the question type will list the medications for the client so they can confirm which meds they are taking
        • Visit Note: Providers can see the clients medication list from the question type so they can confirm the client is still taking and prevents manual entry.
  • 8.“Pharmacy" question type
    • Similar to the medications question type, the office can add the pharmacy question type to intakes and visit notes so the client or provider can confirm the client’s preferred pharmacy. Prevents manual entry.

Medication Question Type - Client View (Unlocked):

Pharmacy Question Type - Client View (Unlocked):

4. Subfolders in Client Files

Users can now add subfolders to client files to keep things better organized.

Note: Duplicate files names are not allowed.

5. Names are Clickable on More Lists

The name of the client is clickable now on the following lists. This link will take you to the patient. profile.

  • Intake List
  • Appts List
  • Invoices List
  • Claims List

6. Good Faith Estimates

You can now create Good Faith estimates from the client's timeline from within practiceQ. Click here for more information on how to issue a GFE to your clients. 

7. Ability to View Forms and Notes from Within a Note

From the Client's Timeline, simple hold [SHIFT] or [CMD / CNTRL] and click the note or form to view in as a slideout. This can be helpful when you need to refer to other information while writing notes or viewing another tab on the profile.

7. Google Analytics 4 Support

Just enter your GA4 Measurement ID to complete your GA4 transition. Click here to view more about how to get set up.

8. Note Status Column and Note Status Filter Added to Bulk Claim Creation and Lists > Appointments

You can now view the note status from the Appointments list and filter by note status when bulk creating claims. This will help you only create claims for locked notes!

See note status when viewing the appointments list:

Filter by note status when bulk creating claims:

9. More Options When Staff Cancels an Appt from the Calendar

Add more details about the cancellation when cancelling from the calendar. After you click the orange "Cancel" button, you will see the following options to provide additional details. These details will display in the CSV and on the client timeline. You can also choose not to enter these details and just click the "Confirm Cancellation" button. Ream more here!

10. Allow Custom Price Schedules per Client

Clients can now have custom price schedules. These can be managed from the client's timeline. Click here to learn how to set clients up on a custom schedule. 

Product Updates for May 2023

1. RTF Formatting Options for Visit Notes

We added the option to add an RTF toolbar onto Open Answer Question Types that have answers with multiple lines.
To enable this, you will need to check the “Include Rich Text Formatting” for the question on the note template and the toolbar will show on the live note. The formatting will pass through to the PDF.

2. Third Party Contacts

You can add non-client contacts to a client from the client profile. This is helpful when the client has other people that need appointment reminders, a separate portal channel and to handle billing for the client. The most common scenario where this functionality would be useful is the child/parent scenario.
CleanShot 2023-05-26 at 13

Product Updates for February/April 2023

1. ‘Last Session’ and ‘Next Session’ columns can be added to the Client list

You can now see the date/time of the clients previous session and next scheduled session if you add the columns to the Appts List. If no session exists. It displays “None”. Note: The ways these were pulled in does not allow them to be sorted or downloaded to the CSV.

2. Provide a Way to Auto-Charge Invoices Updated by the ERA

For claims, when the ERA comes back and updates an invoice with a patient balance, instead of auto-charging the client due to possible errors from the payer, we have added a new filter for this scenario on Lists > Claims > Appointments > Payments Filter. Users would be able to filter, select all and do a Bulk Action to auto-charge those clients.

3. Total Income Financial Reporting Widget for the Dashboard

This shows total income by practitioner on the dashboard.

4. Ability to Filter by ‘Tag’, ‘Note Status’ and ‘Billing Type’ on Claims > Appts

Further filtering can prevent billing errors. Now you can see all appts with unlocked notes so they know what to follow up with so they can submit claims.

5. Ability to Filter by ‘Tag’ and ‘Note Status’ on Claims > Create Claims

Now you can see all claims with locked notes so you know the claims is ready to be submitted.

6. Payer Overrides - Allow the same code with different modifiers

This allows for different modifiers to be applied to the same code as long as there is a different Place of Service. Helpful when you are using the same code but a different modifier depending on if it’s telehealth or in-office.

7. ‘Last Modified’ column added to the Lists > Appts CSV

This will give the date the appt was last updated.

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